Undelete Drive

Quickest Way to Retrieve Files from USB Flash Drive

Are files stored on USB drive are safe and secure? They are until you delete them inadvertently. Let’s imagine a possibility. You stored all important work related files on USB drive. After some days, you connected it to computer as you want to transfer files to PC. However, while transferring files, your computer abruptly shuts down. In such situations, losing files from USB drive are more. In you come across such incidents, no need feel depressed!!! Because you can easily restore lost files using good rescue tool. Undelete Drive can perform recovery process so simple that you can restore all files from USB drive at your fingertips.

It’s very complicated to keep track of all files, when you store thousands of files and folders on USB drive. However, sometimes the files may get deleted unintentionally due to your own mistakes. It’s a wearisome experience if you lose some valuable files from USB stick due to accidental deletion. You will get anxious if you don’t have suitable back up. Nevertheless, losing files or folders from USB drive doesn’t mean they are lost or deleted permanently. You can restore back USB drive files by using this efficient application.

Virus infectivity is a major cause for losing files from USB disk. When antivirus tool is not capable to detect harmful threads or if it is not updated, then there will be probabilities of virus infection on USB drive and sometimes it leads to loss of valuable files. In addition, the factors like file system corruption, bad sectors on drive, abrupt ejection of USB drive etc also results in loss of files/folders from USB stick. The recovery of hard drive partition can be carried out quite easily under same situation. To know more click here: http://www.undeletedrive.com/hard-drive-partition.html

To be safe and secure in terms of all your vital files and folders, it’s strongly recommended to have a legitimate backup of all your important files stored on USB drive. You can also store backup files to removable storage drives like CD, DVD, etc. Moreover, use updated and effective antivirus application on your computer so that no virus can harm your vital files. Further, you can utilize this simple user interface to get back deleted or lost dats from Toshiba Canvio Connect external hard drive with great ease. For more updated information, tap here http://www.undeletedrive.com/toshiba-canvio-connect-external-hard-drive.html.

This software has as advanced algorithm, which performs scanning of lost or deleted files within few minutes. It sorts rescued files and folders on the basis of different file attributes. It can also recover files from Windows server 2008 and all major versions of Windows. It effectively supports file recovery from various brands of USB drive such as Kingston, Transcend, SanDisk, HP etc. Apart from USB stick, it can also recovers lost or deleted files from storage drives such as external hard drive, flash memory stick, iPod, FireWire drive etc. This tool performs USB drive data recovery from NTFS and FAT partitions of Windows and HFS, HFSX partitions of MAC operating systems. Furthermore, it is widely appreciated as finest software when it comes to rescue more than 300 types of files like digital pictures, ZIP archives, Photoshop files, RAR files, movies, music files, videos etc from Buffalo Ministation or any other storage drives.

Simple steps to undelete data from USB drive

Step 1: Install this application and connect USB drive to your system then run the software to launch its home window as displayed in figure I.

Undelete from USB Drive - Home Window

Figure I: Home Window

Step 2: Select USB drive from logical drives list as shown in figure II.

Undelete from USB Drive - Select USB Drive

Figure II: Select USB Drive

Step 3: You can view any media file from the list of retrieved files as shown in figure III.

Undelete from USB Drive - Preview

Figure III: Preview

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