How to Improve Hard Drive Performance

Improve Hard Drive Performance with Great Ease

Are you feeling that your system embedded hard drive performance has degraded for the past few days? As the hard drive performance degrades lots of problems start occurring which makes even the simple tasks quite time consuming. All that is needed to be done to boost the performance of the hard drive is implement some of the easy steps on the hard drive. Some of the symptoms that can be easily felt by the users are:

  • Slow data transfer rate
  • Slow response time of the system
  • Long booting time and many others

The reason behind such happening is various. To have better understanding of these things, let’s detail one of the basic reasons. Suppose that you had been using your computer hard drive for pretty long time without formatting or OS re-installation. In the absence of OS re- installation lot of the useless software’s keep encroaching, the vital memory space the system. This useless software’s can be uninstalled from computer by performing few simple steps over the control panel. But, as users uninstall the useless software from the system, numbers of files like registry files keep occupying the memory space of the active partition. The solution to such a problem without formatting the system is making use of tool like Remo More. As this software is implemented each of the useless files gets cleared in matter of few clicks.

Lot of temporary files that get collected on the system is one of the other reasons of the slow performing computer hard drive. Such files can be easily erased by making use of the Run tool that comes with Windows operating system. As you open the Run window write upon it “%temp%” and click OK. Clicking on OK will take you to the temporary file folder where you need to select all and click Shift Delete. But, since there are number of other junk files available over the hard drive, so it is best in the interest of the users that they may use Remo More, to erase each of the junk files.

Some of the other things that are accountable for slow computer hard drive performance are:

  • Many hard drive partition on the computer
  • Software’s functioning at the back ground of the system
  • Outdated drivers and many more

Each of the above mentioned problems can be easily settled by simply making use of the appropriate tool like Remo More. This tool easily tracks each of the junk files on the system and erases them, so that speed of the system can be restored back. As this software is used, its impact can be easily felt by the response time of the hard drive or the time taken by the system to boot. For better performance of the system hard drive, it is generally recommended to restart the system on regular basis. One of the other benefits of making use of the tool is that it doesn’t require any cumbersome procedure to be followed to achieve the required task.

Simple steps to improve performance of hard drive:

Step 1: Once you install this tool on your system, launch it to open its home wizard as shown in figure A.

How to Improve Hard Drive Performance - Home Wizard

Figure A: Home Wizard

Step 2: On the Home Wizard optimize and later click on memory optimizer as shown in the figure B.

Improve Computer Hard Drive Performance - Select Optimize

Figure B: Select Optimize

Step 3: In the next window you will get memory optimizer main screen, where you need to click on "Optimize" as shown in the figure below.

Boost Hard Drive Performance - Optimize

Figure C: Optimize