Recover Data From Corrupted Pen Drive

Smart way to restore data from corrupted pen drive!

Pen drives are extensively used removable storage drives for transporting data from one device to other. This small size chip can store a considerable amount of data and can be used with different devices. Often user takes advantage of pen drive for storing favorite media files such as pictures, songs and important documents. However, pen drive makes it very easy to carry data but it is very prone to various corruption issues. You may find your pen drive inaccessible due to any reason. So, it is very important to have a good knowledge about possible factors that are responsible for making a pen drive corrupted during it’s usage. Additionally, here you will learn how to recover data from corrupted pen drive in simple steps.

Generally, pen drive gets corrupted due to virus attack, hard usages or error in file system. Since it is often shared and used in different devices, it’s file system gets damaged or corrupted easily. Similarly, formation of bad sectors in pen drive is also a considerable fact that may response to inaccessibility of files saved over bad sectors affected storage area. Abrupt ejection of pen drive while data is being transferred is also a countable fact for corrupted pen drive. When the pen drive is corrupted, you can look on your system or other storage drive to recover USB drive data.

Often user thinks that formatting is only way to make a pen drive free of various corruption issues and format their pen drive. It’s not a good way since, after formatting a drive, entire data gets removed from the drive and it becomes empty. Now, if user doesn’t have any backup of pen drive data then it will be a great loss for them. Therefore, users are always suggested to take help of a good data recovery program to restore data from corrupted pen drive. However, if you have lost data after formatting the drive, you can get help in restoring data from formatted drive after a click on at

If you want to achieve the best pen drive data recovery, you must select the best tool to serve this purpose.  Undelete Drive is one such powerful option that user can rely on to retrieve files from USB Thumb drive. This tool is empowered with highly advanced data recovery techniques to serve very complex pen drive data recover needs. This software supports users to retrieve data from corrupted pen drive of all popular brands such as Kingston, Transcend, SanDisk, hp, Sony etc. One can utilize this app in recovering data from damaged, corrupted, formatted or inaccessible pen drive, memory cards, external hard drive and other storage drives. This tool can be used very easily on Windows and Mac OS X enabled systems. If you are using on Windows Server 2008 machine and want to restore files that have been lost or deleted, then visit this link to get proper guidance:

Simple steps to restore corrupted pen drive:

Step 1: Install this tool and connect pen drive to the system. Launch the software to get its main window as displayed in figure I.

How To Recover Data From Corrupted Pen Drive - Main Window

Figure I: Main Window

Step 2: Now select pen drive from the list of logical drives list as shown in figure II.

Restore Data From Corrupted Pen Drive - Select Pen Drive

Figure II: Select Pen Drive

Step 3: Once the scanning is done, you can view any of recovered files as shown in figure III.

Recover Data From Corrupted Pen Drive - File Preview

Figure III: File Preview

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